BookClub: How to be a 6 Star Business

BookClub: How to be a 6 Star Business

The January Agency Local BookClub is How to be a Six Star Business. 

This is a book with 22 authors contributing their collective wisdom to create a knowledge bank and a guide to some of the best practices when running and growing a business. This is not specific to creative and marketing agencies, however the principles discussed are as relevant to agencies as they are to other businesses. 

6 Star Concept
The concept of striving to be a 6 Star Business is a great one. Why settle for 5 stars as per the normal ratings? When 6 Stars will put you above the rest – make you stand out and be distinctive. This is how your business will grow and take off.

It is this idea that attracted me to the 6 Star community. I loved this aspiration. 

My contribution

I was extremely honoured when asked to contribute a chapter to the book, and of course I jumped at the chance.

My passion is helping people – as is the objective of this book. So being able to contribute a part was amazing. Being in the company of some extraordinary people was humbling. 

The book covers so many different areas including:
Culture, purpose, love, profitability, legacy, community, collaboration, self worth, story telling to name a few.

Agency Local Book Club

It would have been very remiss of me not to name this book – How to be a 6 Star Business – as the book of the month for January!

The purpose of the book club is to promote continual learning as I outlined in this post here.

As a Christmas gift and to provide some inspiration for the new Year every member of the Agency Local Community received a copy of the book. 

6 Star Business books ready to be sent out This was partly to provide inspiration to improve an aspect of their business but it also came with an invitation to the BookClub meeting on 1st February. No excuses now!

Note: As I keep saying – you don’t have to have read the book to attend the BookClub meeting as the value is totally in the conversation around the key messages in the book.

BookClub meeting with a difference. 

A couple of times last year we had BookClub meetings with the Authors and these were brilliant. 

So this month I am getting as many of the Authors that contributed to the 6 Star Business book to join us. At the time of writing we have 11 authors joining us including: Aveline Clarke, Our very own Remeny Armitage, Endre Hoffmann, Gorgie Hope, Rob Drummond, Cristina Castro, Alan Wick, David hubbard, Chris Thornhill.

Some of the authors are based in Australia and they are taking the time to join us late in their evening. This will be a great session.

Join Us – Put the date in your diary

Everyone is welcome to join us at the BookClub meeting – enjoy the discussion around the key topics in the book – quiz the authors to go deeper – there are some wonderful minds coming to the meeting – this is your opportunity to tap in, learn something that will improve your business in 2022. 

See you there!
(Booking details on the events page) 

At long last! A face-to-face ‘Agency Social’

At long last! A face-to-face ‘Agency Social’

For the first time in 18 months, we had a face to face Agency Local event!

At our recent May Insight (which was online), we polled the community and gave them the choice of ‘traditional’ in-person Insight event with keynote speaker and formal agenda, or, to come together for a purely social gathering. The result was a resounding 100% in favour of a social!

So, the July Insight became an ‘Agency Social’. I must say, it was absolutely wonderful to be able to meet in person again. It was great to catch up with people in a relaxed environment where the discussion was vibrant and flowing (like the beer!) Best of all, it was so nice to meet people for the first time that I have known for over a year but only through Zoom or Remo!

It was marvellous to put bodies to a face! And in traditional Agency Local style, pizzas were served and consumed! I know lots of people could not make it for a number of reasons, from childcare to not being well. Another obstacle was distance; we now have members throughout the UK which makes it challenging to hold social events that all can attend.

Nonetheless, a huge thank you to all that came. To those that couldn’t, we look forward to seeing you at the next Agency Local event. You never know, this face-to-face style event may even catch on!

Until next time.

The secret to running and growing a good business

The secret to running and growing a good business

Other business coaches or advisors will hate me for saying this and giving away this secret.

The principle I’m about to share with you is not rocket science. It is logical. However, as with most principles, it is the execution that delivers the levels of success. It is also one main cause for business failure or stagnation.


Sharing and managing resources between agencies

Sharing and managing resources between agencies

2020 has certainly been an unusual year for everyone, not only for businesses. With the office-based workforce all working from home, this experience, for some has been rather isolating. This isolation is something that has been felt across all industries including agencies.

That is why collaboration between agencies on a number of factors is more important now than it ever has been. As business owners we are all guilty of feeling that other agencies are ‘competition’ or the ‘enemy’ but in fact the opposite is true.