Agency Local is a development and learning community. 

Our purpose is to help agencies to become better businesses and their owners better leaders. 

This can only happen through continual development both of business knowledge and leadership skills.

You are time poor 

We appreciate that most agency business owners are often short on time as they are focusing on customer demands and delivering services to clients. It seems that it is always the development that gets bumped.

We got it – it is not urgent – however it is very important. 

Ways we learn

We have been looking into the ways people learn in an attempt to make the events and the learning available as impactful as possible. 

People don’t typically learn a great deal when they are talked at. This is surprising as the education system is mostly lecture / class based and most business events are webinars and seminars where someone is ‘talking’. 

Agency Local has typically delivered these style events. 

However, the true power of information is when it is properly understood, used and applied. 

Most traditional events are not action oriented and they don’t keep people’s attention. Humans average attention span is 14 minutes – so any  longer than this and the event is wasted or there needs to be ways in which to reinvigorate the ‘attention’. 

A new style of learning 

In order to create the maximum opportunity for proper learning and to maximse time, Agency Local is making a few changes. Maximum learning comes from discussing a topic, getting other people’s viewpoints, and sharing ideas. Undertaking exercises and scenario based situations promotes much higher levels of learning. 

Combine this with practical focus on ‘action’ – i.e. commitments as to what action you will be taking as a result of the discussion and vitally being held accountable to actually seeing those actions through to completion. 

Short form on demand learning

It starts with bite sized learning approach. We will be providing information in the format of short videos – typically no more than 15 mins each – often much shorter. 

These will be made available ‘on-demand’ so you can watch these at the time most suitable to you and your busy schedule. 

Inspiration Circle events 

These events are where the power happens – we will be discussing, getting involved in practical examples and practicing what has been learned. These events are a forum for discussion,  sharing and challenging. 

To drive further value to our members, these highly effective learning and development events will be offered as part of their membership and commitment.

Post event we will be adding in a layer of accountability – working with ‘buddies’ to ensure you get the benefit by implementing what will really help you. 

Way Forward
We feel that this is the way forward. On Demand learning followed by practical application. 

This month we are focusing on Time Management and then the next two months we have the following learning focuses: 

Managing change effectively through people 

Negotiation skills 

I am really excited by this and hope you are too.