Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

This month’s Learning Focus is on EDI, equality, diversity and inclusion.

We are living through the biggest societal change in decades. Change in terms of attitudes, and behaviours. We have had a focus on sustainability and what that meant for agencies and now we are exploring the topic of EDI which is at the centre of this transformation.

And as agencies I maintain we are the catalyst of change. We are creative, forward looking and innovative. EDI is something that we should be leading on and really bringing into our standard agency practices. 

Monthly Learning Activity

I am delighted that this topic will be led by Liz Mayers (LI) from EDI Accreditation. She is hugely experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about this topic having run a consultancy working with businesses to help them overcome this challenge.

Liz will be helping us to focus on three key areas:

  • Understanding what the issues are; understanding what is the meaning of equality, diversity and inclusion; what it means for your agency; what it means for you as an individual leader.

  • We will be looking at the business case for adopting EDI into your agency. There are strong arguments for this in addition to ‘It is the right thing to do’.

  • We’re looking at agency leadership and leadership behaviours, as change like this has to come from the top.

Creating Impact

We want to have an impact on your agency business. So this focus is more than simply expanding your knowledge. We want you to take action and that way we create an impact. 

Research shows that racially and ethnically diverse organisations outperform industry norms by 35% and gender diversity boosts financial performance by 15%.

Adopting EDI principals and practice will make a significant impact on your agency. This is why we want to help you by creating a policy which is a policy or statement about your EDI attention and intention. 

The output for the Learning Focus will be for you to develop an EDI policy for your agency.

Now, that’s something that you can use in proposals, in tenders, to have on your website, to increase your brand employability, and to be seen as a responsible business.

What’s involved: 

Watch the knowledge videos and
Join us at the Inspiration Circle – 8th June – 9.30am – 10.30am 
Join us the Inspiration Clinic – Friday 30th June 9.30 – 10.30
Join us at theBook Club –  Tuesday 27th June 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Open to All

Members and non members can join in for the monthly focus so this is open to any agency owner to participate and benefit. 

You can purchase a Pass to the learning content and all the associated events and resources for only £40

Sign up now: https://agencylocal.kartra.com/page/Pass-focused-learning


agencies for good

agencies for good

Objective: To Create Agencies for Good

Agencies are drivers of change. They influence peoples thinking and communications they drive agendas. 

There is a huge groundswell of agencies being purpose driven, becoming BCorp accredited and generally having fully sustainable agencies. It is taking around 18 months to get BCorp accredited which just shows the demand and the desire to be seen to be purpose led. 

Getting this accreditation is commendable, however there are many other agencies that are using their business for good. Contributing in some way to the community, having a view on saving energy, recycling and even becoming carbon neutral. Often these are not spoken about or publicised. Whether it needs to be is a whole other debate.

Here at Agency Local for example, we have been part of B1G1 since conception in 2019. We raise money for local charities, we respect the environment and question our travel, paper and energy usage. We are also committed to being CSR-A accredited this year. There is so much more we can be doing and I know that there are other agency owners that want to do more but don’t know how. 

Creating Agencies for Good

This is why this month’s Learning Focus is on this subject. We will be 

  • equipping agencies with the understanding of what can be done, 
  • helping them develop a sustainable strategy for their agency and 
  • assisting them to make this part of how they run their agency moving forward. 

We are delighted that this will be led by Richard Collins the creator and founder of CSR-A – (https://csr-accreditation.co.uk/) who help businesses to navigate the sustainable landscape and provide an Accreditation to demonstrate their commitment to developing a sustainable business.

Richard is an Agency founder and owner so understands our world. We also have one BCorp accredited member Martin Knowles and some other purpose driven members ABA Me and You who I know will be joining in to show their support and share their wisdom.

Time to make change 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.

Now is the time to look at your agency and work out exactly what you can do to make a difference. This is really for everyone – small agencies, remote agencies, more established agencies with larger teams. Everyone has a role to play and now is the time. 

​​In the recent Benchpress Report 24% of owners of agencies under £1m said that building a business that has a positive impact on the world was their top priority.

We will be discussing the topic in detail at the Inspiration Circle and Inspiration Clinic gatherings. However it will be more than discussion – our aim is that everyone will go a away with an actionable plan to being a more ethical agency.
Key takeaways will be

  • Understand about the UN sustainable goals and increase your knowledge as to how you can use your agency for wider good
  • Audit where you are now on your Business for Good Journey
  • Understand the relationship between profit and purpose
  • Build a Sustainability strategy for your agency
  • Create an action plan to use your agency to make a real contribution

This is so valuable in the development of any agency I really wish that this was not only for Agency Local members. If you are a non member and want to join in let me know.

Here is to us – marketing and creative agencies – creating a better future by developing Agencies for Good. 

New community and partner manager

New community and partner manager

A BIG Agency Local welcome for Lou Crane.  

We are delighted to welcome Lou Crane to Agency Local. Lou takes up the mantle of Community and Partner Manager – making sure that the needs of our members, partners and associate guides are catered for. 

Lou has 7 years of experience in the Marketing & PR space, most of which were built up within one of Europe’s leading SEO agencies. During her 3-year tenure at Evolved Search, she was an integral part of the team that won multiple industry awards in the UK and abroad. 

More recently she has spent the last two years as a Freelance PR Consultant while travelling the world as a new-fangled digital nomad, but has still found time to set up a social enterprise project that utilised an affiliate marketing model to generate additional revenue for UK based charities. 

She is now joining us as our new Community and Partner Manager to help grow our membership base, improve our service offering and share her experiences of working with some of the UK’s leading marketing agencies.

It is important for Agency Local that we understand our clients so having first hand agency experience is a non negotiable. Lou not only understands how agencies work but also the challenges they face everyday. 

This is a vital role in the future growth of Agency Local as we continue our quest to help more agencies to become great businesses and the owners better leaders.

We wish Lou every success.

Know your agency numbers

Know your agency numbers

Know your numbers – turning goals into reality

Your agency will live or die based on the financial performance.  Harsh but true.

It is SOoooo important that you know your financials, the difference between profit and cash, how to forecast and what  key numbers to track.

This is the Action Based Learning focus for March.

For our members all the knowledge videos are now live in the portal.

  1. What is cash flow and why is it vital
    1. Why you need to focus on cash 
    2. Improving your cash flow
    3. Easy ways to monitor your cash
  2. Understanding Profit V Cash
    1. Difference between profitability and cash flow
    2. Biggest misconception about growth and cash  
  3. What is Financial planning – turning business goals into numbers
    1. What’s a financial plan
    2. Benefits for financial planning – for you and your team
    3. Key components and principles of a financial plan
  4. Financial KPIs for thriving agency 
    1. 5 most crucial financial metrics to track in your agency
    2. What are the industry standards and how to achieve them
    3. Model P&L – high-level profit and loss account example for an agency
    4. Agency performance dashboard example
  5. Financial Plan template – an introduction
    1. Instruction video on how to complete the financial plan template. 

This month’s focus covers the importance of agency financial management, responsible financial practices, planning, and crucial metrics to track for success (including cash flow, profitability, and productivity).

Participants will learn how to monitor and improve cash flow, create financial plans, and utilise financial KPIs to grow their agency.

This month’s knowledge focus is with our Finance Partner Agnieszka Wojciechowska​​​​​​ ​who is brilliant when it comes to Agency Finances.

It will teach you how to turn those goals into a reality.

Agency Local Business Support Partners Announcement

Agency Local Business Support Partners Announcement

I am delighted to be able to make this announcement today as it is the first step in the vision to create the best business support infrastructure for marketing agencies and creative business. 

Today I am announcing the first official agency local partners. These are all businesses that focus on a specialist area of business solely for agencies and creative businesses. These partners bring with them a depth of knowledge, experience and know-how  that will be of immense value to all members of agency local.

The combination of Agency Guides to support agencies on their business journey and Expert Partners providing in-depth knowledge, as and when agencies need it, provides an extremely powerful proposition for any marketing agency that wants to survive, thrive, grow and scale.  

The partners will be actively involved in the community supporting our members on a daily basis. They will be sharing their knowledge and wisdom on an ongoing basis and of course will be available to work one to one as and when agencies need their assistance and services. 

We will be adding to this list over the coming months. Today, here are the initial partners:

Bella Hegerty – Agency Customer Journey Partner



CFO For Growth – Agency Finance Partner



Chime – Agency Marketing Partner 






Iconos Group – Legal Partner 





Pink Giraffe – HR and Recruitment partner 


Welcome one and all!