Know your numbers – turning goals into reality

Your agency will live or die based on the financial performance.  Harsh but true.

It is SOoooo important that you know your financials, the difference between profit and cash, how to forecast and what  key numbers to track.

This is the Action Based Learning focus for March.

For our members all the knowledge videos are now live in the portal.

  1. What is cash flow and why is it vital
    1. Why you need to focus on cash 
    2. Improving your cash flow
    3. Easy ways to monitor your cash
  2. Understanding Profit V Cash
    1. Difference between profitability and cash flow
    2. Biggest misconception about growth and cash  
  3. What is Financial planning – turning business goals into numbers
    1. What’s a financial plan
    2. Benefits for financial planning – for you and your team
    3. Key components and principles of a financial plan
  4. Financial KPIs for thriving agency 
    1. 5 most crucial financial metrics to track in your agency
    2. What are the industry standards and how to achieve them
    3. Model P&L – high-level profit and loss account example for an agency
    4. Agency performance dashboard example
  5. Financial Plan template – an introduction
    1. Instruction video on how to complete the financial plan template. 

This month’s focus covers the importance of agency financial management, responsible financial practices, planning, and crucial metrics to track for success (including cash flow, profitability, and productivity).

Participants will learn how to monitor and improve cash flow, create financial plans, and utilise financial KPIs to grow their agency.

This month’s knowledge focus is with our Finance Partner Agnieszka Wojciechowska​​​​​​ ​who is brilliant when it comes to Agency Finances.

It will teach you how to turn those goals into a reality.