Tues 26th Oct, 4;00-5:00pm, online

October Book Club: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks, reveals a simple yet comprehensive program for overcoming our one barrier to happiness and fulfilment, providing a clear path for achieving our true potential and attaining not only financial success but also success in love and life. 

This title is a New York Times bestseller and is a book about dreams and fears, and how beating the fears and self-imposed limits can make all of those dreams come true. We recommend this read to people who are trying to find the direction of their lives, or who are not satisfied with how life plays out so far, and want to transform their reality.

Head over to the #book-club channel in Slack, for more information, zoom and shop links.

Friday 5th Nov, 2:00-3:00pm, online

Agency Local Huddle

Your chance to meet the Agency Local community, wind down for the weekend, share your stresses, your conundrums and your wins from this week! 

We introduced Agency Local huddles last year as an agenda-free way for business owners to come together and just chat. So clear your schedule for just an hour, pull up a chair, bring a coffee and join the conversation with likeminded agency folk!

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Thurs 18th Nov, 6:30 online AND in-person

Insight: James Knight, iMA Strategies

‘How to iMAgineer Your Work and Your Life’

Having worked in the area of personal growth and development throughout most of his career starting with the Dale Carnegie Organisation, James learned that we unknowingly build a wall around ourselves by past performance, past environment and past thinking.

This wall can act as a barrier to understanding, relating to and working with others and becoming the person we are capable of being. In this session James will show you the gateway through your wall by introducing you to iMA, a simple, easily applied, systematic approach to understanding yourself and others and dealing effectively with the differences in people.

iMA is simple, yet goes deep with universal applications and a global reach. We will look at how you can iMAgineer your work and life, create moments of magic and how to use iMA to avoid moments of misery and create a world that you deserve to live in.

Key takeaways from this session will be:

1. Talk in a way that causes others to want to listen to you.

2. Listen in a way that causes others to want to talk with you.

3. When you treat people the way they want to be treated, connectivity, trust, communication, co-operation, sales and profits go up and stress and tension go down.

We look forward to welcoming as many members as possible to this event both in-person and online using Remo, for those who prefer to join virtually.

This event is exclusively for Agency Local Members…
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Book Club

Join us for the Agency Local book club. We select a business book, and regroup to talk through our take aways and learnings. A great way to discover new books and meet new people!

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Agency Huddle

Wind down the week with a fun, friendly and agenda-free Agency Huddle! A brilliant opportunity to meet fellow business owners, creatives and marketers. Next up:

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