Thurs 23rd Sept, 6:30-8:30pm, online

Inisight event with guest speaker: Mark Fritz

‘Learn how to Lead your business to thrive without you’

Business coach, Mark Fritz, will be joining our upcoming insight event to share with you best practices on how to lead your business to thrive without you. Helping you to achieve a harmonious life balance of leadership success and enjoying the family time you deserve.

Insight events are especially designed for Agency owners to engage and collaborate with like minded industry peers.

Join the conversation, enjoy the teachings of our guest keynote speaker, and embrace new habits to improve your day-to-day leadership. 

    Tickets are £75 or free if you’re an Agency Local member.
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    Book Club

    Join us for the Agency Local book club. We select a business book, and regroup to talk through our take aways and learnings. A great way to discover new books and meet new people!

    Via the #book-club Slack channel.




    Agency Huddle

    Wind down the week with a fun, friendly and agenda-free Agency Huddle! A brilliant opportunity to meet fellow business owners, creatives and marketers. Next up:

    Via the #agency-huddles Slack channel.




    Upcoming events
    From our members

    Check back soon to see upcoming events from the Agency Local community.





    A huge THANK YOU to our Media Sponsors for supporting Agency Local and the Insight events – without whom we would only have our memories. 

    Emma Holling Photography

    Emma and her crew have take supported Agency Local by being the event photogrpher. They have produced some stunning images from the events.

    Website: https://www.emmahollings.co.uk/


    A big thank you to Jay Blake from Amity – without whom we could not deliver a true networking online with his platform REMO.

    Website: https://youramity.co.uk/ 

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