New community and partner manager

New community and partner manager

A BIG Agency Local welcome for Lou Crane.  

We are delighted to welcome Lou Crane to Agency Local. Lou takes up the mantle of Community and Partner Manager – making sure that the needs of our members, partners and associate guides are catered for. 

Lou has 7 years of experience in the Marketing & PR space, most of which were built up within one of Europe’s leading SEO agencies. During her 3-year tenure at Evolved Search, she was an integral part of the team that won multiple industry awards in the UK and abroad. 

More recently she has spent the last two years as a Freelance PR Consultant while travelling the world as a new-fangled digital nomad, but has still found time to set up a social enterprise project that utilised an affiliate marketing model to generate additional revenue for UK based charities. 

She is now joining us as our new Community and Partner Manager to help grow our membership base, improve our service offering and share her experiences of working with some of the UK’s leading marketing agencies.

It is important for Agency Local that we understand our clients so having first hand agency experience is a non negotiable. Lou not only understands how agencies work but also the challenges they face everyday. 

This is a vital role in the future growth of Agency Local as we continue our quest to help more agencies to become great businesses and the owners better leaders.

We wish Lou every success.

Owen Hughes New Agency Business Guide

Owen Hughes New Agency Business Guide

Hot on the heels of Freia’s announcement last month I am delighted to announce another Associate Guide joining Agency Local.

Today, Owen Hughes has graduated from being a Member of Agency Local to being a Guide. For Owen this is a natural progression and follows his passion of helping others to develop their businesses. Owen has a proven track-record of generating significant income and planning ambitious, yet achievable business strategies. 

The recruitment of Guides are a key part of being able to provide the best business support to agencies – helping them come to terms with the stresses and challenges of running and growing an agency business. Owen is the latest person to assist us to deliver this. 

Agency Background

Owen brings with him a wealth of strategic, commercial and agency experience. He has run his agency – EWO Communications for over 20 years providing organisations with strategic, commercial marketing advice and support.

He grew his agency to a team of 24 people, winning and working with some great brands including Brother, BMW, Porsche, Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Metacube, Salesforce, Saracens RFC, Wasps as well as local and regional businesses.

I have known Owen personally for many years. When I ran my agency, Owen and I collaborated on projects and since Agency Local launched he has been a very strong supporter and contributor to the community. 

Sustainability and Purpose 

Owen has a passion for helping business with purpose. Having recognised that organisations needed to develop a programme of activity that supported the local community, he has spent the past decade working across all sectors to develop CSR strategies that enhance the value of the organisation and in doing so, assisting these businesses to grow, increase profit margins and attract a focused, engaged workforce.

Most recently, Owen has been involved in launching the first global CSR accreditation programme, establishing a global network of partners and members – CSR-A. 

I am sure you will join me in welcoming Owen to the community as Associate Guide. I know he will be able to support many agencies along their journeys and if you don’t already know Owen then I suggest you set up a call with him.


To find out more about Owen:


Welcome Freia Muehlenbein – Agency Business Guide

Welcome Freia Muehlenbein – Agency Business Guide

As part of Agency Local planned development in line with our mission to provide a one stop business support infrastructure for  agencies we are expanding the capabilities on offer to members by growing the ‘Agency Business Guides’ and agency partners. 

We are really delighted to announce that Freia Muehlenbein has joined Agency Local as an Associate Guide. Freia will bring a wealth of agency business growth experience and her knowledge and guidance will provide a huge contribution to individual agencies, members and the community as a whole.

Freia is a German-British agency growth consultant with 12 years of experience in growing and improving agencies. She supports digital, creative, and marketing agencies with the delivery of strategic initiatives, operational processes and systems, leadership development, change management, and pitch close rate optimisation. Her super power is  translating strategic goals into simple initiatives that lead to improved productivity and efficiency.

Freia runs Be-Reyt and will be providing her services to Agency Local members. As you may gather by the business name she is based ‘up north’ in Leeds.

We are really excited to have Freia as part of Agency Local and am so looking forward to working with her to support her supporting our agency members. Please say big ‘Hi’ to Freia. 

To find out more about Freia:


Let’s Get More Social

Let’s Get More Social


What a fantastic month we’ve had at Agency Local, our event schedule is back in full swing after a much needed break. It has been wonderful to see so many fresh new faces as we welcome new members to our community.

As a newbie myself, it has been wonderful to make so many new connections, to be engaging with you all on Slack and to meet so many of you at the events and huddles, I am keen to get to know more about each of you and your businesses. The Team at Agency Local have put our minds to growing our social media presence and increasing our social engagement, not just for ourselves but for the wonderful community we work with also. We want to know about your wins and celebrate them with you, we want to share them with a wider audience, and get the community involved too. So how about it?

Let’s Get More Social and Boost Engagement as a Community!

If you haven’t connected with us already across our social media channels we would be ever so grateful if you would take a moment to hop on over to our Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram accounts and give us a follow.

In turn we will ensure we are following you back and are keen to learn more about your businesses, your skills, achievements, your teams, and you as our peers.

We’ve put together a Google form if you would like to pop your social media links below so we can make sure they are on our radar, you can submit this as many times as you would like if you have more than one business, or a personal and a business account you would like us to connect with.

Complete Google Form

People Announcement: Welcome to our new Community Manager

People Announcement: Welcome to our new Community Manager

It is with huge regret that I have to announce that Ben Horsley-Summer will no longer be supporting Agency Local in our marketing efforts. Ben has been promoting Agency Local for nearly a year and has become an integral part of the team. He has taken up an opportunity for a longer term contract which is a wonderful chance for him and his business to go in a new direction. 

Ben won’t become a total stranger; he has accepted my offer of a Lifetime Membership in recognition for his contribution, so hopefully we will be seeing him at events and in huddles in the future.  

Agency Local announces new Community & Marketing Manager 

Every community needs someone who is totally focused on those that contribute and engage in a community. I am really pleased to announce that Agency Local has now discovered such a person! 

Please welcome Lisa Mills who is the new Agency Local Community Manager!!

Lisa is a rare blend of seasoned marketeer and people person. She therefore possesses the ideal credentials – she is a marketeer looking after a community of creative people involved in the marketing process. 

I would like everyone involved in the Agency Local community to give her a very warm welcome as I know you will. 

What will she be doing? 

Well, she has a number of key roles including:  

  • She will be that main day to day contact for Agency Local members – answering any questions you may have 
  • She will be getting to know each and every one of you, what you do and what is your ‘zone of excellence’ 
  • She will be promoting you as members where she can
  • She will be encouraging you to come to as many Agency Local events as possible

Lisa will also be promoting Agency Local and our activities, taking over from Ben on the marketing front.  She will also be looking for new members and will be instrumental in welcoming them to the community when they join. 

All members can expect a call from Lisa in the near future as she contacts you to introduce herself properly. 

A little bit about Lisa in her in her own words: 

I am a results driven marketing professional with a proven track record in marketing management, strategy development, campaign management, lead generation, events and digital marketing. I am passionate about meeting new people while building and nurturing relationships. 

I love what Chris is creating with Agency Local and am really pleased to be a part of the team. I am looking forward to meeting with, and getting to know all the members very soon.” 

Please can you give a big Agency Local welcome to Lisa.  

Read more about Lisa at

Contact Lisa at or in the Slack community channels