Hot on the heels of Freia’s announcement last month I am delighted to announce another Associate Guide joining Agency Local.

Today, Owen Hughes has graduated from being a Member of Agency Local to being a Guide. For Owen this is a natural progression and follows his passion of helping others to develop their businesses. Owen has a proven track-record of generating significant income and planning ambitious, yet achievable business strategies. 

The recruitment of Guides are a key part of being able to provide the best business support to agencies – helping them come to terms with the stresses and challenges of running and growing an agency business. Owen is the latest person to assist us to deliver this. 

Agency Background

Owen brings with him a wealth of strategic, commercial and agency experience. He has run his agency – EWO Communications for over 20 years providing organisations with strategic, commercial marketing advice and support.

He grew his agency to a team of 24 people, winning and working with some great brands including Brother, BMW, Porsche, Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Metacube, Salesforce, Saracens RFC, Wasps as well as local and regional businesses.

I have known Owen personally for many years. When I ran my agency, Owen and I collaborated on projects and since Agency Local launched he has been a very strong supporter and contributor to the community. 

Sustainability and Purpose 

Owen has a passion for helping business with purpose. Having recognised that organisations needed to develop a programme of activity that supported the local community, he has spent the past decade working across all sectors to develop CSR strategies that enhance the value of the organisation and in doing so, assisting these businesses to grow, increase profit margins and attract a focused, engaged workforce.

Most recently, Owen has been involved in launching the first global CSR accreditation programme, establishing a global network of partners and members – CSR-A. 

I am sure you will join me in welcoming Owen to the community as Associate Guide. I know he will be able to support many agencies along their journeys and if you don’t already know Owen then I suggest you set up a call with him.


To find out more about Owen: