At long last! A face-to-face ‘Agency Social’

At long last! A face-to-face ‘Agency Social’

For the first time in 18 months, we had a face to face Agency Local event!

At our recent May Insight (which was online), we polled the community and gave them the choice of ‘traditional’ in-person Insight event with keynote speaker and formal agenda, or, to come together for a purely social gathering. The result was a resounding 100% in favour of a social!

So, the July Insight became an ‘Agency Social’. I must say, it was absolutely wonderful to be able to meet in person again. It was great to catch up with people in a relaxed environment where the discussion was vibrant and flowing (like the beer!) Best of all, it was so nice to meet people for the first time that I have known for over a year but only through Zoom or Remo!

It was marvellous to put bodies to a face! And in traditional Agency Local style, pizzas were served and consumed! I know lots of people could not make it for a number of reasons, from childcare to not being well. Another obstacle was distance; we now have members throughout the UK which makes it challenging to hold social events that all can attend.

Nonetheless, a huge thank you to all that came. To those that couldn’t, we look forward to seeing you at the next Agency Local event. You never know, this face-to-face style event may even catch on!

Until next time.

Membership news: Agency Local is growing up

Membership news: Agency Local is growing up

Many of you will know that in May Agency Local celebrated its second birthday – not in the style we would like however for me it is a milestone.

Over the two years we have come from a single evening event to test the waters – to see if there was an appetite for owners of marketing agencies to come together to be inspired, to learn, to collaborate and to support each other as a community.

We have come a long way
We have grown into a membership organisation where we offer learning and development opportunities in abundance. 

  • Events: Ask the Expert webinars every two weeks, Insight events every two months – as well as the Book Club
  • Collaboration opportunities: in our Agency Huddles and in the community Slack group
  • Discounts on Agency Services: access to a growing Marketplace with our partner organisations 
  • Content Library: a year and half of recorded events covering a plethora of topics to help you run a better business, as well as the Book Club
  • Agency Development: ‘Better Together Groups’ (planning your agency growth), ‘Soundingboard Power Hours’ and one to one mentoring and coaching
  • Member Promotion: Agency Local actively support and promote members where possible

Growing Membership

The membership is growing month on month with new members joining and able to access all these benefits. I believe now more than ever agency owners need a supportive community around themselves.

My aim is to build a solid community where people are committed to supporting each other and working together. Having a strong community will assist in Agency Local continuing to innovate by developing services and opportunities that meet our committed aims: helping its members build stronger agency business and helping the owners become better leaders.

We are the only agency community that is totally focused on the smaller (less than £1 million) turnover agencies. 

Future Membership 

I do not expect people to become a member without experiencing what Agency Local has to offer. From the 1st June we are introducing a ‘Months free trial’ – a ‘try before you buy’ offer. When you sign up you will be able to access all the opportunities, services and benefits that Agency Local offers. At the end of the free trial you have the choice to cancel or continue your membership. 

Existing ‘Community’ members that currently enjoy access to some Slack channels in the online community will be invited to join on the month’s trial, which will provide an opportunity to experience and access the parts of the membership that are currently not available to them. 

Your Community 

These are exciting times. I am really looking forward to developing Agency Local – we have many plans! However, at the end of the day Agency Local belongs to the members – I want to develop Agency Local into the community that serves you the best and supports you in your agency journey.

Onwards and upwards, and I look forward to having you as part of this exciting journey.

Read more about Membership.

Remove yourself from the ‘sea of sameness’ and be more pirate

Remove yourself from the ‘sea of sameness’ and be more pirate

“I’d rather be a pirate than join the Navy.” — Steve Jobs 


What did he mean by this?

Steve Jobs saw the Navy as representing the ‘establishment’ and the established way of operating – run by an elite few, often to further their own interests. He said this in 1984 at an Apple leadership meeting. When we think of Apple we can understand this. His business did things differently, taking a different approach.