This month’s Learning Focus is on EDI, equality, diversity and inclusion.

We are living through the biggest societal change in decades. Change in terms of attitudes, and behaviours. We have had a focus on sustainability and what that meant for agencies and now we are exploring the topic of EDI which is at the centre of this transformation.

And as agencies I maintain we are the catalyst of change. We are creative, forward looking and innovative. EDI is something that we should be leading on and really bringing into our standard agency practices. 

Monthly Learning Activity

I am delighted that this topic will be led by Liz Mayers (LI) from EDI Accreditation. She is hugely experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about this topic having run a consultancy working with businesses to help them overcome this challenge.

Liz will be helping us to focus on three key areas:

  • Understanding what the issues are; understanding what is the meaning of equality, diversity and inclusion; what it means for your agency; what it means for you as an individual leader.

  • We will be looking at the business case for adopting EDI into your agency. There are strong arguments for this in addition to ‘It is the right thing to do’.

  • We’re looking at agency leadership and leadership behaviours, as change like this has to come from the top.

Creating Impact

We want to have an impact on your agency business. So this focus is more than simply expanding your knowledge. We want you to take action and that way we create an impact. 

Research shows that racially and ethnically diverse organisations outperform industry norms by 35% and gender diversity boosts financial performance by 15%.

Adopting EDI principals and practice will make a significant impact on your agency. This is why we want to help you by creating a policy which is a policy or statement about your EDI attention and intention. 

The output for the Learning Focus will be for you to develop an EDI policy for your agency.

Now, that’s something that you can use in proposals, in tenders, to have on your website, to increase your brand employability, and to be seen as a responsible business.

What’s involved: 

Watch the knowledge videos and
Join us at the Inspiration Circle – 8th June – 9.30am – 10.30am 
Join us the Inspiration Clinic – Friday 30th June 9.30 – 10.30
Join us at theBook Club –  Tuesday 27th June 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Open to All

Members and non members can join in for the monthly focus so this is open to any agency owner to participate and benefit. 

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