Nine times out of 10 when you ask a marketing agency ‘what they do’, they list their services – “we design great brands”; “we build websites”; “we manage your social media” – you get the drift. 

These bland statements do not communicate the value you give. Every single agency that does what you do (and there are thousands) can say exactly the same thing. You drown in the sea of sameness. The result is that the only single aspect you can compete on is price because there is nothing else to compete on.

So how can you crawl out of the ‘sea of sameness’?

Somehow you need to differentiate yourself to your target audience. If you manage to do this then you will start to stand out from the crowd by being different to the rest. If you are different you will attract more customers and, here’s the real stinger, you will be able to charge more because you can communicate the value you provide.

The logic goes: 

  • To get out of the sea of sameness you must differentiate yourself from the competition
  • You can only differentiate yourself if you understand your positioning
  • Developing your positioning starts with understanding your Value
  • Once you understand your value and you communicate this you can charge a premium because of your differentiation

So the value in understanding your Value is enormous – it is everything. It is the foundation to be able to build a solid, profitable business that allows you to attract more of your ideal customers and to be able to charge a premium.

So actually, it all starts with understanding your Value; and there in lies your real value.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.