Client Advocacy Workshop


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Client Advocacy Workshop*

At Brilliant and Human, our goal is to help agencies and businesses turn their clients into advocates. We run a selection of workshops to help them engage better with clients and potential clients with the aim of converting them into happy, and loyal fans of your agency.

During the workshop we will cover:

  1. The value and benefits of focussing on client relationships with the aim of turning them into happy clients and eventually advocates
  2. The process of putting a client advocacy programme together - internally
  3. Questions you might want to use to get the greatest insight from your clients
  4. How to work with the findings to help you with such things as client engagement, marketing, content, team improvements, and processes
  5. Recommendations for taking on a client advocacy programme internally

These workshops run for approximately 3 hours each. Prior to each workshop, we will send questions for you to think about, so we can make the most of the time we have together. Each session would be PowerPoint free sessions – run in a free-flowing manner – with me running through the details above, with lots of interaction from you and your team – to help us define some positive outcomes for each.

Mentoring Follow up included
Following each workshop, will be one mentoring session of up to 90 minutes - to review or help on the work you have done once the plans have been put into place.

Remeny Armitage 
Each workshop is run by Remeny Armitage. She has over 20 years’ experience working with a variety of agencies and businesses with client advocacy, marketing and new business. Remeny has helped build agencies build profiles within their chosen sectors, along with nurturing and developing clients and new clients. She has a range of methods that ensures business improvement and growth. She focusses on building long-lasting relationships that are based on a strong foundation of trust and respect between businesses and their current and future clients, with a track record of turning clients into advocates.

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Agency Local Member price: £895.50 (save £99.5)
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