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Introducing Craig Townsend, Founder of Matterdam Studios!

Craig Townsend is a talented Design Director who has solved design challenges for some of the world’s best known brands in sport, entertainment, and food and drink. His experience working in London advertising agencies has seen him create innovative, award-winning work for international brands and charities.
 Founded by Craig Townsend, Matterdam Design Studio is here to design for the experience age.

We asked Craig to tell us about a recent project that he is especially proud of:

Matterdam was tasked to design a brand campaign for this amazing not-for-profit www.got1give1.org. We designed a brand campaign that is strikingly against the grain in traditional charity media, to encourage populations to help bring this pandemic to an end. We want to kill COVID with kindness and our ask is simple: if you’ve been fortunate enough to receive a COVID vaccine, donate one to someone who hasn’t in a low income country. We want to donate one vaccine for every person in the UK by Christmas. Some wonderful people in this organisation are trying to make sure vaccines are accessible to all no matter where they live or what they earn. Please donate and share. Visit www.got1give1.org and www.matterdam.studio/projects/got1give1 to learn more. Matterdam is currently working on some very exciting projects in the drinks sector, watch this space.

As a valued Member of our community, here’s what Craig had to say about Agency Local:

“Agency Local is an essential network for agency owners and has been an incredibly helpful resource for me to grow my practice as a designer. Chris is building an exciting network and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow.”

Craig Townsend, Matterdam Design Studio

To see some of Craig’s work check out his website www.matterdam.studio  

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