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 If you are part of the creative and marketing sector the you will be very welcome to join. This is your community.

Being part of the community is absolutely free, however we do have a paid membership where members enjoy additional benefits (see below). 

To join the community: 
Simply complete the form and we will:

  • Add you to the communications for Agency Local events and activities
  • We will send you an invitation to join the online community

All Agency Local events and services will be available to you. At this level you will be on a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ basis for all events and services so you can choose exactly what and when you want to participate in Agency Local.

Full membership options

Full Members will receive additional benefits for a monthly subscription.

As a member you will receive some excellent benefits. You will be an integral part of the community, enjoying priority information, bookings and offers before anyone else.

You will get access to business opportunities that will put out to members via the members only online channel.

Free attendance to all Agency Local Insight and Agency Social events.

You will enjoy discounted access to other Agency Local development and partner services.

If you have any questions please email us at:

Agency Local Community Membership Form
Agency Local Community Membership Form

Please complete the form below to join Agency Local community

Member benefits at a glance


Enjoy free attendance to Insigh and Agency Social summer BBQ and Christmas


Members will get the opportunity to secure thier places at all events prior to going out the wider community. 


A place for members to support each other plus all new business opportunities will go through this channel direct to members. 


Members are able to access all Agency Local content from recordings of past events to webinars and much more.


Membership includes a minimum of two places on an Agency Local Masterclass each year. 


Members will enjoy discounted rates on Agency Local develpment services such as coaching and masterclass as well as discounts on third party offerings.


Membership includes a minimum of two places on an Agency Local Masterclass each year. 

Membership Subscriptions


Frequently AskeD Questions

Do I have to become a member?

NO! Agency Local will always be available to any creative and marketing business. All you need it the right mindset, willingness to support others and desire to improve you and your business. If you have these then Agency Local Community will always be available to you. 

Is there a minimum membership period?

No, all we ask is one month notice to cancel your membership. 

Will I be invoiced each month?

The membership is a subscription charged on a monthly basis. Our aim is to keep admin to a minimum so we will take membership fees by direct debit at the end of each month. 

What is the difference between the Membership options

Community: Be part of Agency Local community – This is the Pay As You Go option. You will be part of the Agecny Local news and events and will be invited to the Agency Local online community.  

What Discounts will I receive as a Member?

There will be a member rate for all Agency Local services, this will be discounted from the Pay-as-you-go price. 

Also all Insight and Agency Social events will be free. 

What is meant by Agency Local Services?

Agency Local provides development services and will continue to add to these as the communty develops. 

Services include: 1:1 mentor / coaching, Mastermind group, Masterclasses, third party agency specific offers and much more. 

Will my competitors be part of Agency Local?

More than likely! However, Agency Local is not about what you do – it is about how you do it. i.e. how you run your business. 

We are a community for the creative and marketing sector so is open to all business that want to collaborate, support and assist other like minded businesses. 

There will be loads of opportunities to collaborate with other Agency Local members that are non competitive. 


Can I introduce others?

Oh yes, the more he merrier. As a community we need to grow so the more local creative businesses the more representative the community will be. 

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